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Agri-Prize: Inspiration Grows Innovation

Agri-PrizeTM is like a "moon shot", but specifically for agriculture.

Agri-Prize is an incentivized agricultural competition challenging the imagination of farmers to increase the intensity of their management, technology integration and implementation skills to do something that has never been done before in farming.

In order to provide food security for the planet, agriculture will be called on to significantly increase production capacity while ensuring long-term environmental sustainability.

The Agri-Prize Competition is designed so that together, all participants learn how to shatter barriers as they pursue methods to provide a safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable food supply to better feed the world.

The Agri-Prize will act as a lightning rod, focusing participating farmers on a specific goal increasing their management intensity and harnessing all their implementation skills.

Welcome to Agri-Prize, Inspiration Grows Innovation

The Canola 100TM Agri-PrizeTM

The first Agri-PrizeTM competition will be the Canola 100TM.

Farmers...your challenge is to produce 100 bushels per acre of Canola over a continuous 50 acres!

This first Agri-Prize competition is open to ALL farmers in Canada who use ANY type of farming technology, genetics, and agronomic practices in any growing region. The first one to record a harvest of 100 bushels per acre will WIN a COMPLETE NEW JOHN DEERE EQUIPMENT PACKAGE! (Includes 100 hrs on each unit: John Deere Tractor, Air Seeder, High Clearance Sprayer, Windrower and Combine)

The contest will run for 3 crops (2016, 2017, and 2018) and THERE WILL BE A WINNER because in the event that the 100 bushels is not attained by the end of 2018, the highest recorded contest yield will take home the prize.

The Canola 100 Agri-Prize Partners include Agri-Trend Inc, John Deere and Glacier FarmMedia who each bring specific skills and roles to the competition.

*For more information visit: or call 1.877.276.7526
Watch for complete contest details available Sept. 15th